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About Weolcan

Weolcan helps companies to deploy Cloud strategically. This way, your cloud migration won’t become an (expensive) goal, but a means to become an agile, data-driven organisation. Our experts support you on a technical and process level, but also help you spread cloud expertise throughout all departments. As a result, your Cloud strategy reaches all layers of the organisation, which in turn leads to true innovation.

Don’t do Cloud because your neighbour does it too

Cloud is immensely popular, and we get that. At the same time, the trend is also a pitfall. ‘Migrating to Cloud because your neighbour does it too is a bad idea’, says Michiel de van der Schueren, founder of Weolcan. As a Cloud pioneer from the very beginning, he noticed that many organisations embark on a Cloud migration without a plan. That’s why he founded Weolcan in 2015, together with Cloud architect Bart Veldhuis. They had a clear goal in mind: to help organisations use Cloud to become a digital enterprise.

Cloud thought leader

Weolcan isn’t the only Cloud consultancy agency out there. We are, however, a thought leader in our field. Our in-depth knowledge on Cloud and the experience of our experts make us the ideal partner to kickstart your Cloud transition. We’re adept at working with the solutions of all Cloud suppliers, but as an independent party, we’re not tied to one specific provider. In addition, we support our customers throughout the entire Cloud transition, through:

weolcan-_opstellen cloudstrategie
Drawing up your Cloud strategy
weolcan-_ontwikkelen cloudarchitectuur
Developing your Cloud architecture
weolcan-_kiezen implementeren cloudoplossingen
Choosing and implementing the right Cloud solutions
weolcan-_autom - migrerern - beheren - onderliggende infrastructuur
Automating, migrating and managing your Cloud infrastructure

Focused on know-how transfer

Our experts invest a lot of time in training you and your colleagues. For example, we help you set up an internal Cloud team (the Cloud Centre of Expertise) that spreads Cloud expertise throughout the organisation. As a result, you’ll be able to work in the Cloud without the help of external consultants. This doesn’t mean that we disappear from view. Our customers always know where to find us if they need further training or extra support.

Inspiring work environment

Our experts work on the latest Cloud solutions for a wide variety of customers and on a daily basis. This makes Weolcan an inspiring employer for Cloud experts, with a team that consists of the best people in their field. Want to know more? Get in touch!

The stats

Our experts have helped many organisations with their transformation to a digital enterprise. Curious about our view on customer relationships? Check out our cases!  


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Are you working on the Cloud migration of your organisation? Or are you already in the middle of the transition? Reach out! Our experts are happy to help you perfect your plans, coordinate the Cloud migration and put Cloud to real use.

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