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Cloud technology will only lead to company success if you automate. Dynamic upscaling and downscaling, having services monitored 24/7 and knowing that the costs are optimised: these are the advantages that make the difference. The automation of Cloud technology saves money, reduces the risk of errors and allocates manpower so that your employees can spend more time on innovation. This combination helps you to become that sought-after digital enterprise. This is a data-driven, agile organisation that adapts in no time if the situation requires it. Does Cloud provide that agility to your organisation? Then your Cloud migration has been successful.

To help you get to that point, you can read how to automate your cloud applications and processes on this page.

Get started with automation tools

Below, you’ll find the six most commonly used Cloud automation tools. We provide an explanation for each tool and tell you how we can support you.

weolcan-_api management platform

API Management Platform

In the Cloud era, the disclosure of data from existing and new applications takes place via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Before these APIs can do their job, they must first be designed, disclosed and maintained. To do this, you need insight into the use, security and performance of those APIs. You do this with API managers, API gateways and API analytics. Weolcan guides you in the selection and implementation of API Management Platforms and also regularly organises meet-ups about API management.

Configuration Management

The management of infrastructure components such as virtual machines (instances), operating systems, middleware and applications is automated and based on policies (policy-based automation). It’s therefore up to the infrastructure manager to describe the desired services. This gives way to individual server management for configuration management (infrastructure-as-code), which allows for larger quantities of infrastructure components to be managed with less effort. Weolcan guides you in the selection and implementation of configuration management tools and offers hands-on training so you can learn how to work with them.

weolcan-_configuration management
weolcan-_enterprise platform as a service

Enterprise Platform-as-a-Service

A Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) fulfils a clear role: it enables organisations to bring software to the market faster and easier. Instead of automating the various process steps with various point solutions, you purchase the management of the middleware, the databases, the communication and integration layers as a one-stop-shop. An Enterprise PaaS distinguishes itself because the governance, provisioning and chargeback are fully integrated. A good example of an Enterprise PaaS is the open source CloudFoundry platform. Weolcan has already helped various organisations with the selection and implementation of Enterprise PaaS and can also help you on your way.

Performance en Resilience Monitoring

In addition to a good design, optimising the last percentage points of a service or application requires testing and insight. You obtain insight into the performance of an application through Application Performance Monitoring. Testing with tools such as the Chaos Monkey gives you insight into the resilience to failure of the infrastructure. The aim is to design and deploy a service in such a way that it has a higher availability and reliability than in the on-premises infrastructure. Weolcan helps you with the implementation of the tool and ensures that you and your colleagues can get started.

weolcan-_performance en resilience montoring
weolcan-_Cloud cost optimization tools

Cloud Cost Optimization Tools

The comforting thought that the costs for Cloud are optimised- that’s what Cloud cost optimisation tooling gives you. This tool allows you to continuously fine-tune Cloud applications, virtual machines (instances), storage and services. The business case for Cloud costs optimisation tooling is simple. Immediately after implementation, you can already realise savings of 10% to 25% of the monthly Cloud costs. We help you set up the tools and analyse the data.

Security en Compliance

In addition to the services and applications themselves, you can also automate your Cloud governance. This comes in handy, as your different Cloud environments probably do not all meet the same requirements. In a so-called playground (a Cloud environment in which there is plenty of room for experimentation), applications do not yet have to meet all requirements regarding compliance and security. In a Managed Cloud, however, they do. With smart tools such as DivvyCloud, you can set up the necessary security for each environment. This gives you control of all your applications, without the risk of overlooking anything. Our experts help you with risk assessment and auditing, as well as with the implementation of the tooling.

weolcan-_security en compliance

Get started with Cloud Technology

Do you want to automate as many Cloud applications and processes as possible, but could you use some help? Then contact us via the button. Our experts work with the above-mentioned tooling on a daily basis and gladly help you in the field of Cloud strategy, Cloud governance and Cloud technology.

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