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The cloud migration: it’s a focus point of many IT departments around the globe. Which makes sense, as cloud technology helps you to become that sought-after, agile digital enterprise. Yet, the digital success of your organisation is not so much determined by technology, but mainly by the knowledge of your people and processes. That’s why our consultants help you with all three. This way, cloud become becomes a means to achieve your strategic goals.


We support you in the selection of the right cloud platform and the implementation of all the necessary tooling.


We help you set up an internal support team that spreads cloud expertise throughout your organisation.


We help you in the transition to an innovation-driven and cloud-ready organisation.

Cloud Maturity Scan

What is your cloud maturity?

The road to the digital enterprise looks different for every organisation. That’s why we developed a scan that measures your cloud maturity in six areas. Curious about your focus points for the coming period? Do the cloud maturity scan!


Milking robot producer Lely had always measured their success by counting product sales, but wanted to shift their focus to long-term customer service.

With the help of Weolcan, Lely turned into an information-driven company with a new business model. Today, it’s not the milking robots, but data that ensures the highest turnover. A textbook example of a digital transformation!


The Weolcan experts are practical-minded and will talk you through every possible scenario. That's why we were able to solve problems before they even occurred. It was a great team effort!

Bart Kuijpers, Head of DataValue & IT at Lely
customer satisfaction

Weolcan has supported us in such a way that we can now operate independently. All Portbase departments know exactly what to do and how to get the most out of cloud technology

Robert Erkelens, Programme Manager Digital2020 at Portbase
cloud strategies

Weolcan has enabled us to make good plans as well as good predictions, which made the transition relatively easy

Herby Hulsebos, Coordinator Information Security at the city of Eindhoven
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